FRiENDi mobile Connect

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What is FRiENDi mobile Connect

FRiENDi mobile Connect is an app that will allow you to call locally within Malaysia or internationally to other countries from wherever you are. FRiENDi mobile Connect gives you the best calling rate starts from 1 sen / minute.

It is launched by FRiENDi mobile Malaysia, one of the telecommunication service provider in Malaysia which focuses on providing the most affordable international calling services.

FRiENDi mobile Connect is currently available from Google Playstore.

Do Amazing Things with FRiENDi mobile Connect!


The Unbeatable local call rate at RM0.05/min for fixed and RM 0.08/min for mobile lines

Call international from as low as 1 sen/min direct to fixed and mobile lines

Call with same low rates from wherever you are anytime.

Getting Started!

How to start using FRiENDi mobile Connect

Get Sim Card

Get any FRiENDi mobile SIM card. Our FRiENDi mobile SIM card is available at any of our dealers throughout Malaysia. Check out here for dealer’s location, FIND A DEALER

Download App

Download FRiENDi mobile Connect app from Google Playstore. Make sure you have enough space, and if you have not updated your phone for quite some time, you may be asked to update your Google Play services.

Sign In

After it is downloaded, open the app and you will be asked to key in your FRiENDi mobile number. If you’d like, put your best picture so that other people can identify you easily.

Start Making Calls

Your contact will be displayed on the right. To start making calls, there are 2 ways of doing it. You may open the contact and click the call button, or you can directly key in from the keypad.

Lowest IDD & Local Rates

International Rates

Country Code Type Normal (RM/min)SMS
0 RM 0 RM 0SMS

Local Rates

Fixed numbers (RM/min)
Mobile numbers (RM/min)

Fixed numbers (RM/min)
Mobile numbers (RM/min)
4 sen/sms
8 sen/sms
Country Fixed (RM/min) Mobile (RM/min)SMS

Chatter Pack

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Easy to Reload

Easily reload your FRiENDi mobile Connect account using FRiENDi mobile reloads.
Get FRiENDi mobile reload from:

  • Any FRiENDi mobile dealers
  • 7eleven
  • ePay and MOLpay merchant.
  • Online reload.
Reload Now

Also from merchant below:

How to

  • Check Balance
  • Contact our customer care
  • Check rate
  • Change call intercept setting
  • Call and Chat for Free
  • Share Your Moments

Inside the app, you will see a collapsible menu icon drawn as 3 horizontal bars at the top left corner. Click that and you will see Check Balance menu. In this screen, you can see the remaining balance (in Malaysian Ringgit) and any other freebies you have.

If you have some inquiries about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care, which is only one click away. Open the Contact Us menu and it will open a form which you can fill in about your inquiries details.

It is advisable that you check the IDD rate before you make calls. To do this, click on the Check Rate menu, type the country name in English, and you will be presented with the available rates.

If you prefer to always route your calls through FRiENDi mobile Connect to get much cheaper rate all the time, head on to Call Settings menu under Settings and choose Always for both International and National calls.

If your friend is also using FRiENDi mobile Connect App, you can call or chat with them for free. Invite them to join FRiENDi mobile Connect to save even more.

Share images, videos, location and contacts to your friends and loved ones. All in the chat box. All media shared will be stored automatically into your phones.

FAQ for FRiENDi mobile Connect

Q: What is FRiENDi mobile Connect?
A: FRiENDi mobile Connect is an Android VoIP app which will allow customer to make calls at a very affordable rate. It also comes with free app-to-app calls and messaging to even make the communication much more affordable to you.
Q: With FRiENDi mobile Connect, I can make calls to normal phone number, either mobile number or fixed line number?
A: Yes, for example in Malaysia, you can call to any FRiENDi mobile SIM number, or to any other telecom operator in Malaysia
Q: What is free app-to-app calls and messaging?
A: If you call your friend using FRiENDi mobile Connect and your friend is also FRiENDi mobile Connect users, you will be able to call him/her at the app, i.e. the call will be terminated at his/her side at the FRiENDi mobile Connect app, hence the word app-to-app. There is no charge to you if you place the call via app-to-app. Same goes to messaging, you will be able to send text to your friend over this app and your friend will receive the text at the app too. There is no charge for this.
Q: I have downloaded FRiENDi mobile Connect, what’s next?
A: You have to have an active FRiENDi mobile SIM card. When you sign up for the first time, you will be asked to key in the FRiENDi mobile SIM number. If the SIM number you key in is not the same as the one in the phone or you are using dual SIM phone, you will receive verification code through SMS.
Q: After I signed in with my FRiENDi mobile number, do I have to add my friends who are already FRiENDi mobile Connect customers manually?
A: Not necessary. FRiENDi mobile Connect will automatically detects them and show them to you. You only need to click the star button at the Contacts tab within FRiENDi mobile Connect app to know anyone who has joined FRiENDi mobile Connect.
Q: How to make local or international call using this app?
A: First, make sure you have a good data connection and sufficient FRiENDi mobile credit balance. Then, go to Calls tab, click the keypad button at the lower left corner of the screen, key in the phone number you’d like to call and press the call button.
Q: FRiENDi mobile Connect app can only be used when it has data connection?
A: Yes, regardless of the source of data connection. You can use the FRiENDi mobile Connect app to make local/international calls or free app-to-app calls/messaging under WiFi connection or any cellular data network.
Q: If I make free app-to-app calls and is using FRiENDi mobile data, do I need to pay for the data usage?
A: Yes, you still need to pay for the data usage although the call is free. Please ensure that you are subscribed to any data plan so that you don’t fall into pay as you use data rate. We are giving currently 50% extra data for any data plan.
Q: What is the consumption of the data usage for 1 minute call?
A: Theoretically, it will be in the range of 1 – 2 MB for 1 minute call.
Q: Can I buy data plan to be used only for FRiENDi mobile Connect app?
A: No, if you buy data plan, it will be used automatically by all apps installed in the phone
Q: What happens if my data plan is fully consumed midst call?
A: The data usage will be taken from the monetary balance with the rate of RM 0.075 / MB. And if your monetary balance is fully consumed, you will not be able to continue with the call, unless you are calling free app-to-app and is using other source of data connection.
Q: What about messaging and SMS through FRiENDi mobile Connect, does it require data connection too?
A: Yes, all functionalities in FRiENDi mobile Connect requires data connection.
Q: How can I send normal SMS through FRiENDi mobile Connect?
A: To send normal SMS through FRiENDi mobile Connect app, you need to open the contact to whom you’d like to send SMS to, and then tap on the message icon next to the mobile number you’d like to send the message to.
Q: How to purchase credit for my FRiENDi mobile Connect account so that I can make local/international calls?
A: You may purchase any FRiENDi mobile reload voucher and add it to the FRiENDi mobile Connect account through “Check Balance” screen at the FRiENDi mobile Connect app. Reload voucher and soft-pin can be purchased at all FRiENDi mobile dealers, 7eleven and all ePay merchants. Alternatively, you may purchase flexi reload or reload online to your FRiENDi mobile SIM number.
Q: If I am out of Malaysia, but manage to get data connection, would I still be entitled for the low IDD rate?
A: Yes, you will be able to enjoy the low IDD rate from wherever you are.
Q: Will I be able to receive calls when I am outside of Malaysia?
A: If your friends call you from within the app and choose app-to-app call, you will be able to receive the call freely although you are roaming. However, if your friend call you to the SIM card, then you will be subject to normal roaming charges.
Q: How to automatically place all my calls through FRiENDi mobile Connect without having to open the app first?
A: You could enable the Call Intercept setting, from the menu button, tap Settings, tap Call Settings, and tap International Calls, select Always call via FRiENDi mobile Connect. Do the same thing for National Calls.