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Why should I choose FRiENDi mobile?
FRiENDi mobile is your best choice as it offers you countless benefits, including the following:

  • Talk more with FREE Airtime
    Earn bonus airtime when you reload and enjoy the best rates in Malaysia!

  • Easy to extend validity
    Extend your validity easily with just a minimum reload of RM3.

  • Mobile internet at only RM2
    Surf the internet for 24 hours for only RM2 with no hidden charges or terms. Choose from our multiple mobile internet packages that suit any device.

How much does the FRiENDi mobile starter pack cost?
The regular price of the FRiENDi mobile starter pack is RM5.00. It comes with RM2 worth of credit.

How can I check FRiENDi mobile's coverage?
Because FRiENDi uses U Mobile's network, you can check our coverage by referring to U Mobile's coverage map at

How much will I be charged for a voice call?
You will be charged 20 sen per minute to any operator or fixed line number.

How about the SMS charges? How much does it cost?
SMSes to your friends or relatives at 10 sen per SMS to all networks.

How much will I be charged for sending a MMS?
Sorry, MMS services are not available at the present time.

How do I access my voice mail?
Sorry, voice mail services are not available at the present time.

I don’t want to miss any calls while my phone is switched off. Will I receive missed call notifications?
Definitely! You will no longer have to miss any calls if you are out of credit or when your mobile is switched off. All you need to do is activate our missed call notification service by calling 011-38-123456.

Can I make international calls from my FRiENDi mobile number?
Absolutely! FRiENDi mobile offers you the lowest international rates to over 200 destinations in the world.

How much will it cost for me to make an international call?
All IDD calls will be charged in 60-second blocks throughout.
For more information on the rates for each country, please refer to our IDD rates.

How much will I be charged for an international SMS?
International SMS rates start from 15 sen per SMS. However, call rates for each country are different. Please refer to our our IDD rates for the full list of countries.

I ran out of airtime, can I ask my friend to call me back?
Certainly! FRiENDi mobile offers a Call-Me-Back service. Simply dial *100# to access the main menu, then select Call Handling -> Call Me Back. You may perform up to 3 call-me-backs daily.
Can I surf the Internet with my FRiENDi mobile SIM card?
Certainly! FRiENDi mobile offers many different Internet plans to suit your usage. To find out more about our Internet plans, please visit

What are the charges for surfing the Internet without an Internet plan?
For Internet services, our charges are 10 sen per MB (RM0.10 / MB). Data is charged in blocks of 1MB, even if your data usage during a session is less than 1MB. Alternatively, you may sign up for our data packages starting from as low as RM2 a day!

How many data packages do you offer?
FRiENDi mobile offers 7 different data packages, ranging from daily and weekly to monthly packages. For more information about the packages, kindly go to

How is mobile Internet usage charged?
All mobile internet from FRiENDi mobile including data plans, bundles and promotion unless stated specifically are using 100kb charging block for the first 100kb, and 1 MB for the subsequent MB in every session.

Do I need to have a minimum balance in my account if I want to sign up for an Internet plan?
No. However, kindly ensure that you have sufficient balance to pay for the Internet plan you wish to sign up for.

I purchased an Internet plan. What happens if my Internet quota is used up before the renewal date?
Once you reach the quota limit of your subscribed Internet package, data usage will be charged a pay-as-you-use rate of RM0.10/MB (Charging block is per MB)

I purchased a weekly Internet plan. What happens to the remaining data if I’m unable to fully utilise it?
All unutilised data from Internet plans will be forfeited upon the expiry date. Kindly ensure the data is fully utilised to prevent it from being forfeited.

I am unable to fully utilise the data tonnage from my weekly Internet pass. May I transfer it to my friend to prevent the balance from being forfeited?
No. All unutilised data will be forfeited. Unutilised data cannot be transferred to another FRiENDi account nor exchanged for cash.

I have a smartphone and would like to surf the Internet on it. What should I do?
You will need to update the settings of your smartphone. You can do this easily by accessing our mobile menu at *106# (Main menu -> Main Settings -> Data Settings).

How do I get 100% Data Credit from FRiENDi mobile?
You will be entitled to 100% Data Credit when your Internet package is renewed automatically or manually before the validity period is over.

How can I use the 100% data credit? And what is the validity period?
The data credit can be used for Pay-As-You-Use data after the data balance from data bundle is exhausted. The data credit will have the same validity as the data bundle.

Can I repurchase an Internet data plan even I have data remaining?
Repurchasing is allowed at any time during or outside of the subscription period, regardless of the data plan expiration date or remaining balance. Any remaining balance in the current data plan will be forfeited if you manually repurchase the data plan or if the validity period is over.

How many days will the active period last after I activate my FRiENDi mobile SIM Pack?
You’ll enjoy a total of thirty (30) days of active period upon service activation.

What happens at the end of the 30-day period?
Your account will go into an inactive period for thirty (30) days, and you will not be able to use any of our services. However, you can still receive calls and SMS. You are required to reload at any amount to extend your active period by another 30 days.
However, you can only do this when your account is still in the active period, not when it is inactive.

What if I do not reload during that inactive period?
After the 30-day inactive period, your account will automatically go into a suspended state for thirty (30) days whereby you will not be able to make or receive any calls or SMS. You are required to reload to reactivate your account.

If I were to reload RM3, does it mean I’ll enjoy 3 days of active period?
No. Any amount that you reload entitles you to a 30-day active period, regardless of whether you reload RM5, RM10 or even RM50.

What happens if I do not reload during the account suspension period?
Your account will be terminated.

If my account is terminated, will I be able to reactivate it and get my mobile number back?
Unfortunately, no.

I still had RM9.90 worth of credit in my account when it was terminated. Will you refund the amount to me?
No, all remaining credit will be forfeited upon termination.

Will I be notified before my account is inactive or suspended?
Yes, you will. Kindly keep your phone switched on at all times to receive notifications from us.

How do I check my credit balance?
Just dial *101# from your FRiENDi mobile to check your credit balance at any time of the day.
Where can I purchase FRiENDi mobile reloads?
You may purchase FRiENDi mobile reloads at any of our authorised dealers or at any outlet with the E-Pay or MOL Logo, including Petronas, Shell, 7 Eleven, Tesco and Giant. For a full list of our partners, please visit

Alternatively, you may also reload online at via our self care page at

I’ve just purchased a physical reload from a FRiENDi mobile authorised dealer, how do I reload it into my account?
Easy! Just dial *102*<14 digit PIN number>#. You may retrieve the 14 digit PIN from the reload voucher.

I’ve just purchased an electronic reload from Petronas, how do I reload it into my account?
Easy! Just dial *102*<14 digit PIN number>#. You may retrieve the 14 digit PIN from the reload voucher.

Are there any validity for these reloads?
All reload denominations come with 30 days of active period (30 days from the date of reload).

Does FRiENDi mobile offer flexible reloads?
Yes we do. The service is known as Flexi Reload. Just inform our FRiENDi mobile authorised dealer on your preferred reload amount and they will transfer the airtime to your account directly.

How can I transfer airtime to my friends or family members using FRiENDi mobile?
Dial *103# and follow the instructions given.

What are the minimum and maximum values available for this feature?
The minimum transfer is RM3 while the maximum is RM100 per transaction.

Will my friend’s validity be extended when I transfer airtime to him?
No, the airtime transfer does not extend the validity.

Is there any surcharge for this feature?
No, there is no surcharge for this service.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance to use this feature?
Yes, after the airtime transfer, you are required to have a minimum balance of RM10 in your account.

For example: if you wish to perform a RM10 airtime transfer, you are required to have at least RM20 in your account.

How much can I transfer per day?
The minimum amount is RM3 per day while the maximum amount for airtime transfer is RM100 per month.
How can I transfer airtime to my family back at home?
You may transfer to your family or friends back home by accessing FRiENDi mobile menu *103# (go to Manage Credit -> Airtime Transfer)

What are the denominations available for this feature?
There are multiple denominations available. Select the country that you would like to transfer the airtime to, and select the preferred denomination.

Is there any surcharge for this feature?
No, there is no surcharge for this feature. Your airtime will be deducted based on the preferred denomination selected.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance to use this feature?
No. However, kindly ensure that you have sufficient airtime in your account to allow the transaction to be successful.

How much can I transfer per day?
There is no limit for this feature.
Pakistan Promotion
What do I have to do to be eligible for the FREE 125MB data?
You will be granted the FREE 125MB data upon reaching RM5 worth of usage in calls or SMS to Pakistan. This is equivalent to 16 minutes of calls or 34 SMS.

Is the RM5 worth of usage accumulated?
No, you have to reach RM5 worth of usage within one (1) day by calling or texting to Pakistan. Your usage will be reset everyday so you will have to start from RM0 each day.

What is the rate to call and text Pakistan?
It is 32 sen per minute for calls and 15 sen per SMS.

If I buy the Zone 3 IDD bundle, will it be counted as part of the RM5 usage?
No, it will not be counted.

If I make a call to Pakistan using my free airtime, will it be counted as part of the RM5 usage?
Yes, it will be counted.

Can I extend the validity of the free 125 MB?
You can extend the validity of the free 125 MB if you reach another RM5 worth of usage to Pakistan before the end of the 7-day period.

Will I be notified once I reach RM5 worth of usage?
Yes, you will receive an SMS notifying you that the free 125 MB has been credited to your account.

How do I check the balance of my free data?
You can check it via USSD. Simply dial *117*3# and it will show you the remaining balance of your free data and its validity.

I received the free data but it is not being deducted with usage. Why?
Please check if you have other data bundles or data plan subscriptions. This free data will only be consumed after you have finished your data quota from your data bundle or data plan.

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