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Ceres Telecom Sdn Bhd (959540-V), a company operating under the trade name “FRiENDi” in Malaysia (“FRiENDi”) respects your privacy in relation to your personal information and acknowledges that your personal information is important to you. FRiENDi is committed to protection of your personal information. FRiENDi observes the requirements of the Personal Data Protect Act 2010, and the code rules provided under General Consumer Code of Practice for Communications and Multimedia Industry Malaysia, provisions issued under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and other applicable privacy laws in Malaysia. FRiENDi carefully safeguards the use and processing of your personal information.


The privacy policy statement herein contains terms and conditions (“Privacy Terms”) which forms part of and shall be read together with all other terms and conditions provided by FRiENDi. By your subscription and/or use of the Service provided by FRiENDi, you acknowledge, represent and agree that you have at all times read, fully understood, accepted and agreed to be bound by the Privacy Terms. Further, you undertake to review FRiENDi’s website or any materials provided by FRiENDi on a regular basis for any amendments, revocations, variations or modifications. Furthermore, you have accepted, consented and agreed to FRiENDi’s use and processing of your personal information.


The Privacy Terms are subjected to amendments, revocations, variations or modifications at anytime and in whatsoever manner by FRiENDi without any reason or any prior notice. You have the right to request access to and to request correction of the personal data and contact details of the data user if there are any inquiries or complaints on the personal data.


FRiENDi collects information which are as stated below. The list of types of information stated below is not exhaustive. FRiENDi may request for additional types or subject of information from time to time for the purposes stated in Clause 5 below.

4.1 your name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, race, language;

4.2 your identification number (eg. National Registration Identity Number, Passport Number and Company
          Registration Number);

4.3 your contact details such as but not limited to email address, telephone number, fax number and postal

4.4 your interest and hobbies;

4.5 your communications with us in whatsoever forms, which includes but not limited to, recording of telephone
          conversations, email correspondences, any of your entry of information at FRiENDi’s official website at

4.6 any details arising from any of your use or related to any of your use of the Service provided by FRiENDi.


FRiENDi’s use and processing of your personal information are for the following purposes:-

5.1 for administration, functional, operational or technical purposes which are essential or incidental to the
          provision of the Services by FRiENDi;

5.2 for research and development relating to promotion, advertising, marketing, sales and provision of Service by

5.3 for promotion, advertising, marketing and sales activities carry out by FRiENDi in order to provide a better
          Service to you;

5.4 to prevent fraud, misuse and unlawful conducts;

5.5 to comply with any of the terms and conditions provided by FRiENDi.

5.6 to comply with any applicable laws in Malaysia.

5.7 to comply with any direction or instruction or request by the authorities.


FRiENDi does not sell your information to any third party. However, in the provision of the administration, function, operation and technical Service by FRiENDi, it is essential and incidental that your personal information may be disclosed to the following third party:-

6.1 FRiENDi’s agents, dealers and representatives;

6.2 FRiENDi’s third party contractors or suppliers;

6.3 FRiENDi’s third party network facility and service providers who collect and store your personal information;

6.4 FRiENDi’s third party contractors or agencies in carrying out research and development for promotion,
          advertising, marketing and sales purposes or implementing promotion, advertising, marketing and sales
          activities all belonging to FRiENDi;

6.5 FRiENDi’s professional advisors which includes but not limited to accountants, auditors, tax advisors and

6.6 any authorities.


You may only exercise your right to either provide or withhold your personal information if the personal information requested by FRiENDi is with an option in which you may exercise such rights.


FRiENDi adopts and implements reasonable measures which ensure the security and integrity of your information. However, FRiENDi cannot guarantee the loss, misuse or change of your information caused by third party outside the control and supervision of FRiENDi or through fraudulent, misuse and unlawful conduct or use of the internet.


You warrant and represent that your information which you have provided to FRiENDi are accurate, complete and updated at all times. You shall continue to maintain accurate, complete and updated information with FRiENDi by informing FRiENDi of any new information or change of information in which you have provided to FRiENDi.


You may contact FRiENDi at Customer Care Number 011-38123456 on change of your information or in order to access to your information.


The definition of the words contained herein this Policy Terms are the same as that stated in the “FRiENDi Prepaid Service Terms and Conditions” and in addition thereof the following word(s) in the Policy Terms shall have the following meaning:

(a) “authorities” means any Government, quasi-government organisation or non-government organisation or entity
          at local, municipal, State or Federal level having competent authority or jurisdiction under any the laws of
          Malaysia or exercising regulatory or supervisionary powers or duties under such laws;

(b) “information” means your personal information in which you provide to FRiENDi;

(c) “use and processing” means collecting, recording, holding, storing and disclosing of your personal information
          and include organising, adapting, altering, retrieval, consultation, disclosure, dissemination, aligning,
          combining, correcting, erasing or destroying of your person information.
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